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Personalized easypaisa loans for you and your business needs. No documentation, long waits in line or guarantees will be required. Just dial *786*7# to get your loan of up to Rs.10,000 approved instantly

  • Currently only available for Easypaisa account holders with a Telenor SIM

  • Loan value and qualification is dependent on your easypaisa account and Telenor credit usage

  • ID Card issuance date and Fathers name will be required during the loan application process

  • Paying your loan back on time will qualify you for a better amount and rate in the future

  • You can payback before time by going to easypaisa loan menu at *786*7*2#

  • Loan amount with service fee will be auto deducted from your account on due date

  • Not paying on time will result in a fee of 2.5% being charged

  • Not paying back will result in you getting black listed with credit bureau of Pakistan,Legal action taken will be as per the laws of Pakistan

  • Further terms and conditions can be read click here

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