Online Payment

Scale quickly with our efficient online payments solutions & let
your customers choose from options such as M-Wallets,
Credit/Debit cards & OTC and let them pick the way that
works best for them.

What's in store for you

Integrate with us like a pro,
our solution is designed to
co-exist with your existing systems

Tap into the power of a trusted
network and offer preferred
payment options used by
thousands of merchants and
millions of consumers

Our comprehensive compliance
process, safety measures and
fraud detection allow you to
handle payments with ease

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Effective &
Efficient Processes

  • Intuitive online on-boarding process through a registration portal
  • No need for opening an additional corporate account
  • Online integration with assistance every step of the way

Prices you'll love!


+ tax MDR

for M-wallet


+ tax MDR

for local/international Credit
& Debit card payments


Ready to make your business efficient & easy?
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