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About us

    Easypaisa, Pakistan’s first mobile banking platform launched in 2009, is the only GSMA mobile money certified service in the country. Initially launched as a money transfer service, Easypaisa empowers underserved masses by bringing convenience and freedom to their lives, and has today become the category name for money transfers, synonymous with convenience and reliability.
    With the largest footprint in the country, constant innovation, an ever-growing range of ground-breaking digital solutions and the Easypaisa App, Easypaisa is turning into a complete lifestyle platform which enables people across Pakistan to truly adopt the digital way of life.
    Easypaisa is part of Telenor Microfinance Bank and operates as a branchless banking service. Easypaisa is driven by the bank’s vision and mission of transforming the financial landscape of the country and providing instant access to convenient digital financial services.
    To read more about Telenor Microfinance Bank, please visit  www.telenorbank.pk

Awards & Achievements

  • Best mobile money launch’ of 2009
  • ‘Best mobile money transfer entrant of the year’ at the world’s first mobile money transfer Awards 2010
  • ‘Best new entrant’ in global mobile money transfer awards2011
  • Recognised as ‘mobile money sprinter’ by GSMA MMU in 2012
  • Best mobile money service’ at the GSMA awards 2014
  • Best mobile service for women in emerging markets’ at the GSMA awards 2014
  • People’s choice award in Dow Jones & wall street journal’s ‘financial inclusion challenge’ 2015
  • ‘Financial innovation award’ in the category of ‘most innovative application of technology’ at the financial innovation awards 2016
  • ‘Bank the unbanked’ at the Pakistan banking awards in 2016 & 2017
  • ‘Best mobile payment solution’ at the global mobile awards 2017
  • Became the first and only branchless banking service in Pakistan to get ‘GSMA mobile money certification’ in 2018
  • ‘Innovation in payments award’ under ‘the innovators 2019’ banner of global finance magazine
  • ‘Most innovative MFI’ in the 13th citi micro-entrepreneurship awards 2019


  • ‘Best mobile phone product & service’ at the GSMA awards 2012
  • Best mobile money service for women in emerging markets’ at the GSMA awards 2015
  • ‘Best mobile money service for women in emerging markets’ at the GSMA awards 2016